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Castle-Themed Play Park Installation

With a huge push from our amazing community of supporters as well as a generous donation from the council, we managed to raise enough funds to replace the previously condemned play equipment in Daisy Dip with a beautiful, castle-themed play area!

We are eternally grateful for the amount of support we received to make this project such a success and turn a dream into reality for our Swaythling and Bassett communities.

Pathway Installation 

In January 2022, a pathway was installed across the East field of Daisy Dip (near the basket ball court) making this area of the park accessible and useable all year round, without the need to wade through the winter mud!

fodd park 2.jpg
Image by Filip Urban

Gardening Club

Coming soon! 

We are currently in the process of developing an exciting Gardening Club group that will allow local residents to come together regularly and plant seasonal foliage around Daisy Dip. 

To register your interest in the Gardening Club, please contact us via our contact page or email

Play and Nature Trails

Coming Soon!

In very exciting news, we will be having some play trail items installed around the play park area of Daisy Dip. The work on this project has already started, and we are excited to see the play area of Daisy Dip continue to develop and improve.

daisy dip.jpg


We welcome any ideas that will help us transform Daisy Dip into a fun, safe, and inclusive area of the Swaythling and Bassett communities that we can all enjoy! Send us your suggestions via email at, or click the link below to head over to our contact page.

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